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The Center for Environment & Society serves as a bridge between Washington College and the rich natural and human resources of the region. Lecture series, workshops, 电影和研讨会提供了新的视角和专业发展机会 for the campus and the larger community. Competitively awarded student fellowships 让学生们解决现实世界的问题,让他们建立一份简历并建立 connections in the professional world. In the innovative Chesapeake Semester, students 范围遍及整个分水岭,探索切萨皮克的人物,地点和问题 Bay in all of their complexity. The Center supports faculty teaching and research through collaboration and by providing access to a variety of resources. It also has led the College in meeting its obligations under the American College & University 校长气候承诺,同时作为校园回收,能源的催化剂 savings and the search for alternative energy. The knowledge gained in this effort 已转移到周边各市、县,允许他们 achieve significant cost-savings, while lowering their carbon footprints.

“过去即现在”倡议(PIPI)承认,要理解现在 and where we are headed, we need to understand where we have been. It melds cultural 自然资源管理,特别强调生态和遗产 tourism as an important regional economic engine. The River & Field Campus (RAFC) 提供5000英亩的农田和森林用于研究和保护 300英亩的恢复草原和福尔曼分支鸟类观测站. 这些资源扩大了研究和教学机会,并加强了学院的实力 link to the Eastern Shore’s working landscape and agriculture. It will in the future be the home of a student-run farm. The Natural Lands Project is a large-landscape 努力恢复整个地区的原生草地、湿地和森林 and public lands. With its grasslands model based on the successful restoration at RAFC,这是努力改善生物多样性和水质的最大栖息地 restoration project in the state. The Watershed Innovation Lab and its Chester River 流域观测站是一个雄心勃勃的努力,全面测试,分析,和 详细了解流域中水的运动和质量 achieved nowhere else on such a scale. It promises more refined modeling for the Chesapeake Bay and an approach that may be transferred to other parts of the country. The Center’s 地理信息系统(GIS)实验室利用尖端的空间分析 技术用于解决广泛的问题,包括分析城市树冠 绿色基础设施,生物多样性和土地利用,犯罪地图,栖息地和生态系统 mapping, and community visioning. The GIS Lab and resources such as research vessels (46英尺和27英尺)不仅为华盛顿提供了研究和培训的机会 College, but for local school children and their teachers.

通过这些项目和其他项目,中心向社区伸出援手,提供 expertise to solve local problems. The emphasis, however, is on engaging communities, 为他们提供解决这些问题所需的工具和信息 own. Other projects include: community visioning, in which communities come together to reach consensus on local values and take charge of their future; analysis of land-use policies and comprehensive planning; tree planting and shoreline restoration projects; oyster gardening and fisheries restoration; professional development and training; and a wide variety of technical support. Washington College students, the primary constituents of the Center for Environment & Society, are involved in all of these projects, putting their academic training to work while learning by doing.


我们生活在一个环境和相关社会问题迅速增加的世界 reaching crisis levels. As we work toward resolution, we especially need to cultivate a new generation of creative, solution-oriented leaders for the future. Everything 我们确实培养了我们的本科生——下一代领导者——来帮助解决问题 21世纪最紧迫的环境问题,通过创新的课程, 现实世界的经验,尖端技术的培训,以及新的思维方式.


Our vision is a Chesapeake Bay and watershed that is healthy and thriving; one in which natural systems and human communities are in balance. Strong interdisciplinary academic programs promote the integration of environmental and social values; through 应用,现实世界的工作,我们准备我们的毕业生平衡和富有成效的公民, 熟练而敏捷的专业人士,我们自然和文化的捍卫者和管家 resources.

该中心管理着学院的两艘研究船,Callinectes和Lookdown. The vessels can be reserved for your classes or department usage.

Learn more about these vessels and find out how to reserve them.


At 46 feet long, Callinectes 是否配备了一系列最新的电子设备和环境仪器 包括拖网,声纳,海底声学分类系统,磁力计和 用于测绘和评估海湾地质特征的定位系统 and its tidewaters. On the Chester River, sampling gear is used to collect water and 通过分析沉积物样本来测量营养物质、溶解氧、藻类丰度, 有毒污染物和其他因素告诉我们关于生态健康的 region.


In April 2013 CES acquired Lookdown 目的是为华盛顿提供更多的研究机会 College students. Lookdown是为海岸警卫队设计的,主要用于用声纳绘制河流地图, but will also be available for special trips for water sampling and testing.

Lookdown is considerably smaller than Callinectes, which works to her advantage. She will be able to access shallower areas of the Chester and coastal areas that are inaccessible to Callinectes.

推荐个靠谱的外围买球网站环境与社会中心成立于1999年 promote interdisciplinary learning, research and exemplary stewardship of natural and cultural resources. Its primary objective is to support the integration of ecological and social values.

在早期,该中心主要关注可持续农业问题 在马里兰州东海岸,以及提高学院的教育计划 environmental studies curriculum. In cooperation with the Department of Sociology & 人类学,关键的新数据管理和分析技术,如地理 Information Systems, were brought to campus.

虽然CES的使命自成立以来一直保持不变,但它的能力 have expanded significantly since 2006. Programs have grown from regional agricultural 可持续发展和环境教育,包括河口研究和海洋 生境评估,后者的重点引起了国家的注意和兴趣 Park Service. Recognizing that the Center acts as a portal to one of the world’s greatest 河口——切萨皮克湾,中心,再次与考古学合作, 获得的遥感设备包括侧扫声纳、海洋磁力计、 声学海底分类系统和水文测量软件,给出了 Center the ability to expand its focus from the land into the water. Augmented significantly 通过奖学金支持的实习和研究助理项目,中心的 modest endowment has allowed staffing to expand and solidify.

该中心继续为推荐几个靠谱的外围买球网站的学生提供了解的机会 充分认识人与自然环境的关系,并为他们提供良好的环境 所需的技术知识、实践经验和美学观点 advance that relationship for the benefit of future generations.